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The Makings of a Great Taiko Performance: Attitude

This past weekend was a whirlwind of taiko events, and has already been written about in one or two other blog posts. However, being the sort of person I am, who always has to insert her opinion into the conversation, I’m writing yet another. Enjoy!

For me, the weekend stressed the importance of Attitude […]

A Concert a Day…

I just had a whirlwind weekend full of rhythm, attending a concert each day for the past three days.

Friday Night: San Jose Taiko in Keene, NH

Hanging out with San Jose Taiko after their show.


One of the early numbers was a piece involving passing accented rhythms back and forth between two […]

San Jose Taiko – Cool in Keene

Meg Suzuki, back in her days with ONE, hanging out with the members of KODO. Meg, did you really bake cookies with the KODO logo?

Several members of ONE trekked to Keene, NH, to witness the cyclone known as San Jose Taiko rock the Colonial Theater. ONE has a direct connection to SJT in […]

Taiko Telethon Express

Fifteen of us performed “Mahora” for our Woburn neighbors at the First Live Telethon of the Council of Social Concerns. It’s a wonder how we, in the span of two hours, could load out the equipment, drive to the venue, quietly load in, get dressed, wait, snack, warm-up (or not), stage drums, perform, load out, […]