Odaiko New England

National Anthem with Tiger Okoshi

Tiger Okoshi warms up before the show.

David Wiggins pre-sets a hira.

Diane and Cat putting on their brand new happi.

Kristen and Tiger during the concert.

Weary travelers, Diane and Juni, arrive at the hotel.



Our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, is playing and […]

Good Vibrations at Northeastern

Diane perfecting her mischievous stage look.

Matt getting his groove on…or maybe his tabi…or perhaps both.

One thing that made Kokyo especially festive–the addition of Cat on fue and Joy on chappa.

The New Snuggie Spokesperson!


For the second year in a row, ONE […]

Odaiko New England meets Shidara – again

Just over a week ago, Odaiko New England founding member Karen Young and advanced student Shane Tysk left Boston and flew to Japan to take part in a two week residency with Shidara. Shidara is a professional taiko group living and practicing in Toei, in the remote regions of Japan’s Aichi prefecture.

During our […]

Taiko, Old and New

Bachi flew everywhere. So did bananas and the chicken, making its plaintive cry as it flew through the air. […]

Blown Away by KODO

ONE's Mark and KODO's Yosuke rock on Miyake

My first live KODO concert experience started with a pleasant surprise. By being at the right place at the right time, my son and I got to go backstage at Symphony Hall before the concert and meet some of the KODO people. One performer was practicing […]

My Date with Kodo

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been on a blind date – afterall, what would Mr. Lau say? Yet that’s exactly what meeting Kodo today feels like! Not only do I get to meet members of Kodo, I’ll be driving some of them to our reception after their Boston concert.


KODO: Playing with Style

Sheilarae holds the Ji while Kenta Nakagome of KODO readies himself for a Miyake solo

It may have been the first time anyone has participated in a jam-session Miyake with Kodo while wearing an LBD (Little Black Dress). It was certainly the first time I observed such a thing. For sure, a Kodo drummer […]