Odaiko New England

reVISION Imminent

Our 15th Anniversary Concert, reVISION, is one week from today, yet all the many hours of rehearsal together haven’t quelled my joy for my taiko buddies! It had been 39 hours since we last saw each other, so we got together for Star Trek and Chili’s.

See, we DO watch other things besides the many […]

Happy Happi!

Odaiko New England showing off our new happi coats

The Harvard Lampoon celebration was our first chance to get a group shot in our new noshi ribbon happi coats. We’re a pretty decent looking group, if I do say so myself.


Odaiko New England Helps Celebrate the Harvard Lampoon Castle’s 100th Birthday

As Mark said, “The Cool Factor was definitely on the high side!” How often do you get to drum in the middle of Harvard Square amidst a laser light show with fog machines and a confetti storm – all while staring down a 2-3 story float shaped like a Harvard Prof??? That’s […]

Two upcoming workshops to learn taiko!

You can learn taiko at our upcoming workshops! Here’s the info from our website:

In our popular workshops, new drummers learn taiko fundamentals such as kata (form), kiai (vocalization) and kumidaiko (ensemble drumming). Translation: Look really cool while yelling and hitting things with friends!

Using our entire bodies to drum, we’ll explore first-hand the […]

Odaiko New England: Fashion Alert – Best Dressed Taiko Group!

Odaiko New England is looking quite fabulous these days. In anticipation of our 15th year anniversary concert, reVISION, (Arlington Regent Theatre, 7 Medford Street, Arlington, MA, May 30th and 31st, 2009), we will be quite colorful in our new happi coat costumes.

What are happi?

Happi is a traditional Japanese robe imprinted with a […]