Odaiko New England

Poems celebrating ONE’s 15th Anniversary

For Juni:

She will paint you a musical story,
Of troops in all of their glory.
But tales of daring
Are not all she’s sharing.
She’ll throw in some goofiness, too.

On Yui, she’s totally groovin’
She’s got the whole audience movin’.
With a flip of a stick,
And her grin that’s so quick,
She inspires the whole taiko crew.

I’m sure that you’ve figured out now,
To whom I’m directing a bow.
To Juni, we toast,
With a bit of a roast,
And as much as my poor rhymes can do.

Jasmine Hall

For Mark:

A taiko tale I’ll try to tell,
And what I can’t I’ll hum.
About a guy who brings cowbell
To the playing of the drum.

He’s a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll,
And a bit of Broadway musical.
With a sense of humor rather droll,
And rhythm rather Seussical.

Is his teaching interrogative?
Perhaps modeled on an old movie?
It’s much more than his prerogative,
His style is really groovy.

How groovy is it?

Jasmine Hall

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