Odaiko New England

Post-Concert Haiku

reVISION concert
a powerful performance
Mark and Juni proud

Dave Buerger

Lying on sofa
Strong coffee, good book and cat.
Nothing else to do.

Sheilarae Lau

Counting my bruises
Bags and circles under eyes
When is my massage?

Kate Jurow

Carry Odaiko
on Saturday and Sunday
Muscle pain Monday

Dave Buerger

Full throttle weekend
Ends with flowers and hugs
Then cozy napping

Jasmine Hall

5 comments to Post-Concert Haiku

  • anonymous

    Bachi flies away /
    Wind rustles cherry blossoms /
    Maybe no one saw

  • Congratulations on your concert. I hope it was a huge success. Wish I could have seen it. Maybe next year…

  • joy


    It was an awesome concert. I’m so proud to be a part of this group.

    We hope to have the opportunity to do the show a few more times this year, in different venues. And, of course, next year’s show will be even more amazing. It’d be great to have you there!

  • Anonymous

    How was the crowd at the Arlington Regent Theatre? Was it a sellout?

  • joy

    Not quite a sellout, but it was a great crowd for both shows. They were enthusiastic and energetic, even clapping along with some of the songs.