Odaiko New England

The Gig That Wasn’t

The Performance Tent

The expected email from Juni arrived shortly after noon. The gig was on! The forecast had been unsettled, with rain predicted for our evening outdoor performance in Leominster, MA. I had been checking regional satellite images all morning, and I wasn’t seeing a problem. Time to wrap up my work, print […]

More reVISION Haiku

Shin-En Revisioned Doing fast triplets is hard Most of us couldn’t

Colorful obi We debated at great length Finally, yellow

I wait nervously When do I come in again? I think I missed it

Cello, take, gong Hira, vocals, Thunder God It’s Kaminari

Senryu stands waiting Sheilarae and Greg spaced out All’s well that ends […]

Blown Away by KODO

ONE's Mark and KODO's Yosuke rock on Miyake

My first live KODO concert experience started with a pleasant surprise. By being at the right place at the right time, my son and I got to go backstage at Symphony Hall before the concert and meet some of the KODO people. One performer was practicing […]