Odaiko New England

Patching Drum Heads

Two patches put through two days of Miyake. […]

7 Years Ago: My First Taiko Workshop

We finished warming up and stretching. Then they played the simple piece that they would, in the three hours, teach us to play. I was a bit skeptical, but hey, aim high. […]

Shidara Residency

If you are a taiko player in North America striving to be the best player you can be (whatever that might mean personally to you), then at some point you have probably thought to yourself: I should really go study in Japan. Then you say to yourself…”Self, what kind of crazy idea is that? You […]

It’s over… …it’s about to begin

I’m sad to say that Summer Taiko Institute is already over. Tanya, Joy, and I had a wonderful time.

I think it is rare to see such impressive musicianship and excellent teaching skills in the same person, and even more amazing to find a group of four people who work so well together in both […]

Bringing Taiko to Young Audiences

There’s a yellow suitcase marked ‘YA’ in the equipment closet. During our practices, we regularly borrow equipment from the suitcase. But more often, the yellow suitcase tags along as we help load equipment into and out of Juni‘s car before and after practices.

‘YA’ stands for ‘Young Audiences of Massachusetts’. It also represents a major […]

Two upcoming workshops to learn taiko!

You can learn taiko at our upcoming workshops! Here’s the info from our website:

In our popular workshops, new drummers learn taiko fundamentals such as kata (form), kiai (vocalization) and kumidaiko (ensemble drumming). Translation: Look really cool while yelling and hitting things with friends!

Using our entire bodies to drum, we’ll explore first-hand the […]

Taiko, Old and New

Bachi flew everywhere. So did bananas and the chicken, making its plaintive cry as it flew through the air. […]

A turntable sharing the stage with a taiko drum?

Now I’ve seen it all!

Karaoke with Kelvin

Odaiko New England just concluded an awesome week hanging out with Shoji, Maz, Kris and Kelvin from On Ensemble, one of the most cutting-edge and dynamic taiko fusion groups out there. I was blown away by their speed, technique, musicality, complexity, precision– but most of all […]