Odaiko New England

More reVISION Haiku

Shin-En Revisioned Doing fast triplets is hard Most of us couldn’t

Colorful obi We debated at great length Finally, yellow

I wait nervously When do I come in again? I think I missed it

Cello, take, gong Hira, vocals, Thunder God It’s Kaminari

Senryu stands waiting Sheilarae and Greg spaced out All’s well that ends […]

Post-Concert Haiku

reVISION concert a powerful performance Mark and Juni proud

—Dave Buerger

Lying on sofa Strong coffee, good book and cat. Nothing else to do.

—Sheilarae Lau

Counting my bruises Bags and circles under eyes When is my massage?

—Kate Jurow

Carry Odaiko on Saturday and Sunday Muscle pain Monday

—Dave Buerger