Odaiko New England

My Extended Taiko Family

“We’re gathering our extended taiko family for the holidays,” I wrote on our website to promote ONE’s 2nd annual Winter Extravaganza. It was an ironic statement for me, since my own family would not be coming.

And so it was that I left my taiko widower and orphans at home to take part in our […]

Do-Ko-Splash: Honing Your Taiko Chops with Kayaking

A handful of ONE’ers met at Charles River Canoe and Kayak in Newton for an afternoon of grueling paddling — just for fun. Taiko players are like that.

Joy's orange Crocs match her kayak…

…And the lovely foliage.

I was nominated to write our blog post because I took […]

Reimei at Dawn

Two weekends ago, I played taiko with my friends on a shady plaza overlooking the Charles River, followed by a free lunch. Yes, the Waltham Riverfest was a cushy gig, especially compared to the other gig Odaiko New England was doing at the same time. I’m sure the Boston Pride Parade was a blast, but […]

Post-Concert Haiku

reVISION concert a powerful performance Mark and Juni proud

—Dave Buerger

Lying on sofa Strong coffee, good book and cat. Nothing else to do.

—Sheilarae Lau

Counting my bruises Bags and circles under eyes When is my massage?

—Kate Jurow

Carry Odaiko on Saturday and Sunday Muscle pain Monday

—Dave Buerger


reVISION Imminent

Our 15th Anniversary Concert, reVISION, is one week from today, yet all the many hours of rehearsal together haven’t quelled my joy for my taiko buddies! It had been 39 hours since we last saw each other, so we got together for Star Trek and Chili’s.

See, we DO watch other things besides the many […]

National Anthem with Tiger Okoshi

Tiger Okoshi warms up before the show.

David Wiggins pre-sets a hira.

Diane and Cat putting on their brand new happi.

Kristen and Tiger during the concert.

Weary travelers, Diane and Juni, arrive at the hotel.



Our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, is playing and […]

My Date with Kodo

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been on a blind date – afterall, what would Mr. Lau say? Yet that’s exactly what meeting Kodo today feels like! Not only do I get to meet members of Kodo, I’ll be driving some of them to our reception after their Boston concert.