Odaiko New England

Taiko, Baby! or Taiko Baby? (part 1 of 2)

For me, 2011 was a year of change. The biggest and most obvious being my transformation from taiko obsessed landscape designer to taiko obsessed landscape designer who is also a mother. […]

DIY Tabi Socks

Step 1: Cut a notch for your big toe.


Taiko Whirlwind, or What happend to April, May, and June?

Spring is the busy season for Odaiko New England. It’s the time of year when everyone wants to have taiko at their outdoor festivals. It’s also my personal busy season… I know I’m not the only taiko player to have a difficult time balancing work, life, and taiko, so I imagine my spring will sound familiar to a lot of folks out there. It all started in April, right after we got our new ONE jackets and other gear… […]

Swim Like a Drummer

Yesterday morning I swam 10,000 yards (5.68 miles/9.14 km) in about 2 hours 38 minutes–the longest swimming workout of my life.

I was participating in a special New Year’s event for Cambridge Masters Swim Club. The swim was broken up into units of 100 yards swum on timed intervals. I chose 1 minute 35 second […]

A Drum With a Past

I came home from Taiko Conference energized and wanting to practice all the time. Husband Matt and I both decided to follow along with 30 Days to Better Shime: Round 3, which would mean that we’d need appropriate equipment. We either needed to continue borrowing shime from the Odaiko New England drum closet, or get […]

It’s over… …it’s about to begin

I’m sad to say that Summer Taiko Institute is already over. Tanya, Joy, and I had a wonderful time.

I think it is rare to see such impressive musicianship and excellent teaching skills in the same person, and even more amazing to find a group of four people who work so well together in both […]

More Than Taiko

Author’s note: I wrote the following shortly after our 15th anniversary concert (reVISION on May 30 and 31), but found myself feeling shy about sharing this with the world, so I didn’t publish it right away.

Just over a week has passed since ONE’s 15th anniversary concert, reVISION. Everyday life is flowing by so fast […]

Organizing a Gig… for the first time!

Loaded up and Ready to Go

So, here we are, coming out of our anniversary concert, and there isn’t much time to rest.

It’s my first chance to organize a gig.

I rashly volunteered to organize a performance for the Waltham Riverfest. Megan Gleeson of the Waltham Cultural Council approached me about this performance […]

A Concert a Day…

I just had a whirlwind weekend full of rhythm, attending a concert each day for the past three days.

Friday Night: San Jose Taiko in Keene, NH

Hanging out with San Jose Taiko after their show.


One of the early numbers was a piece involving passing accented rhythms back and forth between two […]